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Do you get stuck spinning wheels when you’re trying to advance a deal? The best negotiators know what to look for and when to engage.

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This toolkit is for you if...

  • If you are a salesman or saleswomen of any level, who wants to advance their selling capabilities.
  • If you are in; Inside Sales, Direct Sales, Channel Sales, a Sales Managers, a Sales Executives or handle National Accounts, this toolkit is for you.
  • If you are a person who is interested in behaviour, culture and will find information you haven’t come across before.
  • If you know you need more than sales scripts and templates to close more deals and become a top performer.
  • If you communicate with people everyday and you understand that your professional and private life depends on your communication skills, ability to negotiate, and understand the psychology and motives of others.

The Secret of Understanding People That Makes communication EASY and EFFECTIVE

Many people think that you have to have a gift from God to have a chance to be successful.

But you know what?

You just need to know how to obtain, analyze and use non-verbal information

Professional profilers and negotiators have a secret.

Their Secret Weapon...

They have the ability to see hidden emotions and interpret people's thoughts in record time without being a genius or spending time surfing the internet to put a vast amount of information in order.

The secret is mastering micro expression observation.

Micro expressions are the most sincere representation of emotions that last less than 0.3 sec. If you know how to spot them you almost know how to read minds.

First they learn every face and body muscle movement, then they use a special training app to learn to spot and interpret super quick representations of emotions and feelings subconsciously without even thinking about it.

So in real life negotiations they have much more time to set their behaviour strategy according to their counterpart’s emotions and thoughts.

How smart is that? Don’t reinvent the wheel if the wheel is already invented.

Their Secret Is GOOD News For All of us.


Because if you use the same strategies they use, your chances for success are leads ahead of your competition.

If you are successful in negotiations you can be successful in anything you do.

Best of all: You don’t have to spend weeks studying.

You can learn our method in less than a weekend then just practice with the application for a week.

That’s it. The secret is out.

Why Understanding People is like Sex but Better?

The answer is easy.

Research proves every time you understand a word you have just learned while practicing a new language your body produces endorphins; hormones of happiness, just like when you have sex. The same thing happens when you understand what motivates people’s behaviour! Once you understand why someone does what they do, you feel more confident and happy.

But why is it better than sex? Because it is a valuable skill that creates a base on which to build the life of your dreams.

Our method is made to give you a nice level of “people reading” skills; all the theory that you need to know to start practicing.

You won’t find abstract concepts; only the most effective, practical and easy to use tools that give you the knowledge to make it a lifelong skill. You will also find the online training program to practice spotting micro expressions.

Inside the membership you'll gain access to...

Ultimate guide to human behavior E-Book ($27 value)

“Understanding people is like SEX but BETTER” used to train politicians and top managers.

Video course to learn micro expressions and modern body language ($47 value)

Learn and understand how body language and micro expression work and can be leveraged in your current situation.

Online training program to spot micro expressions ($57 value)

For daily and never ending improvement to become the top performer you desire to be.

20 exercises to practice observance, focus and refocus that are so important in spotting micro expressions ($27 value)

Total Value: $158

For Only $158 $47!

30-day Money-Back Guarantee

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"Helped us improve our communication processes within our team"...

He smoothed out the internal working of our company and attained a better, happier work environment.

Now, You ONLY Have 2 Options:

Look, honestly, I think you have only 2 options:

1) You don’t think that Understanding people is the right thing that can help you boost your career. In that case, I respect your opinion. Just close the page and have a great day.

2) You KNOW that success can be achieved only when you know what people are feeling and thinking. In that case, “Understanding People is like SEX but BETTER” is your SHORTCUT to get what you want. Grab the toolkit, and crush it. Go!

Here's Your Shortcut to read people’s minds

Total Value: $158

For Only $158 $47!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You can be 100% sure that your investment will return. If you don’t feel that training is worth at least 10x more than you invest, just ask for your money back within 30 days. I’ll send it to you right away. Without asking any questions.

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